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Miles to Go (before i sleep)

Title: Miles to Go (before i sleep)
Author: Mothermedusa20
Artist: Fujiidom
Pairing(s): Sheldon and Penny
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Character death, Apocafic
Word Count: 23,969

Summary: Sheldon prepares for everything- zombies, restaurant closures, and power outages. He also plans for the apocalypse by packing survival kits for each of his friends, including a certain neighbor across the hall. When the unthinkable finally happens, Penny is separated from those who can help her most until she finds a series of letters from Sheldon in the compartments of her bag. Slowly, she realizes her genius neighbor knows more than he’s ever been given credit for and that there is more to their relationship than she ever thought possible.

Author’s Note: I must take the time to acknowledge certain people who helped this fic come to life at various points along the way:

WJY (who sorted out all my geography)
JH (my husband who constantly reminds me that “Sheldon would never do/say that” and for knowing a disturbing amount about apocalypses in general)
AT (my first reader)

And, FINALLY, (Drum roll, please) my beta:
The amazing, talented, infinitely patient trippy41.  She kept me logical and grammatically correct.  She is my nearest and dearest and there aren’t enough whiteboards in the world for this Sheldon to thank her on.

Link to Fic:

Link to Art:
Tags: +het, -penny, -sheldon, .fic, .mix, 2011
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