Maybe it's time for the universe to have a reset

Title: Maybe it's time for the universe to have a reset
Author: umlautless, but that journal has been fic-free for almost a decade, so posted on diacritical
Artist: jenni_snake
Fandom: Big Bang Theory
Pairing(s): Stuart/Leonard, Stuart/OMC, Stuart/OFC
Rating: Mature/R (language, drug use, sex; the language is more vulgar than you'd hear on network TV at 10 PM, but the sex is less explicit than you'd see on cable)
Warnings: (in no particular order) Drug use, casual sex, infidelity, unplanned pregnancy, adoption, depression, homelessness, parade of original characters
Word Count: ~36k
Summary: Initially inspired by the prompt "Just... just someone love him. Hug him. Make him happy. With or without Zoloft." The story of Stuart's life took on a life of it's own. Leonard and Stuart have something of a slowly developing relationship made of equal parts restrained contentment and frustrating detachment. Or: "When I look back and think about times I was really unconditionally happy, and it wasn't quickly marred by my ability to make exactly the wrong choice at every intersection, it was 1993. And then, maybe last Thursday."

Notes: A day late, but hopefully not a dollar short.  Thanks to my beta, who lacks on online persona, for enduring months of me babbling about this, and always providing great ideas. Thanks to my artist, Jenni_Snake, who did not read my early draft and run far away from me and my terrible ideas, and made me some awesome cover art:
Awesome Cover Art

Prologue | Chapter 1 | Los Angeles | Chapter 2 | Providence | Chapter 3 | Oakland | Chapter 4 | Alhambra | Chapter 5 | Epilogue

Read it on AO3 (Eventually).

Going Where We've Never Gone Before - Sheldon/Penny - PG-13

Title: Going Where We've Never Gone Before
Author: muir_wolf
Artist: notalwaysweak
Pairing(s): Sheldon/Penny (background Leonard/Leslie; Stuart/Amy; Raj/Wil; Howard/Bernadette)
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: some language that wouldn't make it on basic cable, magic people making judgmental statements about HP fans
Word Count: ~15k
Summary: Urban fantasy AU. Penny steps through a crack in the wall, and then things get complicated. (Or: studying magic, working in a magic bookshop, going to auditions, playing match-maker, saving the world(s), and trying to make it big is all Quite Enough without also falling in love with one Sheldon Cooper, thankyouverymuch.)

LJ - Part One, Part Two + [AO3 link to be added]


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A Mighty Roar

Title: A Mighty Roar
Author: jazzfic
Artist: fujiidom
Pairing: Gen mostly, with some Penny/Sheldon, Amy/Wil, Leonard/Leslie, Howard/Bernadette
Rating: R
Warnings: Major character deaths, coarse language
Word Count: ~32,600
The entrepreneur, he was a prodigy, now a dreamer.
The geneticist, she turned the impossible to life.
The engineer, he built an island, the vet, she mended long bones.
The ranger, she kept a gun by her side.
The lawyer, he knew from the start.
The programmer, he built a trapdoor in code.
The palaeobotanist, he carved out leaves, the palaeontologist, he found an egg.
The mathematician, she spent her life playing bluff.
And the many things that should be dead, they opened their jaws and thumped their legs to the ground.


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